The Family That Preys

The Family That Preys (2008)

5 mistakes

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Plot hole: When Chris goes to the bank and finds Andrea has a second account, if she didn't want him to "steal" her money as she states later in the scene, why did she authorize it as a joint account if it was supposed to be a secret account or hers only?

Character mistake: Throughout the movie the character Andrea's name is consistently mispronounced. When her husband Chris shows up at her office to apologize for looking at her bank statements and offer to take her to lunch, he approaches the receptionist saying he's looking for his wife whine he calls Andrea (pronounced like Ann-drea) but then in the same scene he calls her Andrea (pronounced Ahn-dre-uh) I understand maybe another character mispronouncing her name but not her own husband.

Continuity mistake: When Aundrea and Chris are in a heated argument he slaps her. Before he slaps her, her vest is buttoned, but after she gets off the floor her vest is unbuttoned.

Other mistake: When Chris and Ben are at their construction site talking about Andrea's secret bank account, Ben is making chalk marks on the floor of the construction site while Chris holds a tape measure, however, no chalk marks appear on the ground where Ben is marking them.

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