Donkey Punch

Donkey Punch (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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After Lisa dies, she's wrapped up in a sheet, weighed down with an anchor and dumped overboard. Bluey and his need to shoot his mouth off is stabbed in the upper torso by Tammi/Kim with a large swiss army knife. Tammi&Kim escape via dingy, but it's got no motor, so the lads soon catch up with him. Marcus orders them at gun point back on the boat so Kim shoots him with a flare, burning to death he falls overboard. Josh learns Bluey hasn't disposed of a tape that captures him doing the donkey punch on Lisa. Livid and desperate Josh first twists the blade then removes it, making Bluey bleed to death. Josh comes after Tammi demanding the tape, Sean comes to her aid and wrenches the gun out of his younger brother's hands. Unfortunately Kim sees him in a position with the gun pointed at her so fearing the worst she hits him in the neck with a motor propeller. Once she learns her mistake, Kim jumps off the back of the boat into the propellers. Tammi gets back into the dingy with Josh begging her to let him join her. Once in the dingy, however he pulls a knife once more demanding she hand over the tape, she must now how have. She wraps a makeshift noose around his neck, that's attached to the boat. Noose goes taunt, dragging him off into the ocean. She then fires a flare into the scare and waits to be rescued.


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