The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Miraz agrees to duel with Peter to the death. Peter wins and offers to let Caspian finish Miraz off. Caspian lets Miraz live. Lord Sospespian kills Miraz with a Narnian arrow and tells his army the Narnians did it. The army lays siege. Lucy finds Aslan, who awakens the trees and the river god to help defeat the attacking army. Caspian becomes king of Narnia. Aslan offers the Telmarines to go back to their island of origin and reveals that their ancestors were pirates who came to Narnia through a portal in an island cave. General Glozelle, Miraz's wife Prunaprismia and other Telmarines go through a portal Aslan creates. Peter and Susan tell the others they'll never return to Narnia, though Lucy and Edmund probably will. The Pevensies then step through the portal and are back at the train station.

Racer X

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Aslan: Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.



When the Pevensies are outside their treasure chamber in Cair Paravel, Peter tears off a piece of his shirt to improvise a torch. A few shots later, once they're in the chamber, the missing piece has gotten bigger.



Following the Disney tradition of hidden Mickey Mouse images, in this film Prince Caspian's vest has many hidden Mickeys, shaped with staples, close to the neck.