Carry on Regardless

Carry on Regardless (1961)

4 mistakes

Carry on Regardless mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam Twist jumps from the train on the Forth Bridge, he lands in a puddle between the tracks, which are resting on sleepers on top of ballast - but when we see the train disappearing, there are no sleepers or ballast - the rails look like they're on concrete 'runners'.



Revealing mistake: In the final scene when the front door of the derelict house falls out of its frame, the whole set shakes when the door hits the ground.

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Continuity mistake: When the team are in the derelict house, Mike Weston turns the right hand tap on and no water comes out. When Handy turns the stopcock on the water comes out of the left hand tap.

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Revealing mistake: At the wine tasting, Lily pushes the waiter. It is obvious that the glasses on his tray are stuck to it, as they don't move even when he turns the tray on it's side.

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