Rise of the Footsoldier

Big John suffers so badly for his torture treatment by the Turkish mob that he is discovered by his kids hanging from the rafters. Carlton wants justice, but sense takes over when her realizes that he and his mates won't stand a chance against the turks. Plus also as in real life, Pat Tate, Tony Tucker & Craig Rolfe are set up in a gangland execution with a dose of shotgun blasts. Though this suposes that Jack Whomes & Mickey Steele were the trigger men.


Continuity mistake: When Eddie is about to be interrogated by the Turks, he's tied up with his hat on. In the next shot his hat is off, and just as the Turk administers the truth shot he rips Eddie's hat of his head.

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Carlton Leach: Listen, if I was you, I'd get those punters out of there 'cause the moment those Turks walk out that door, I'm gonna go fucking Schwarzenegger on the cunt.

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