3:10 to Yuma

Dan (Christian Bale) delivers Ben (Russell Crowe) to the train. After Ben gets in the train, Dan is killed by Charlie. Charlie hands back to Ben his revolver and he kills Charlie and the rest of his gang, upset that Charlie killed Dan after he accomplished the task he set out to do: getting Ben to the train (while others walked away, afraid of getting killed by Ben's gang). Dan's son William walks over to Dan and says, before he dies, "You did it. You got him on the train." William points his gun at Ben but doesn't shoot. Ben gets on the train out of respect for Dan, what he believed in and because he accomplished the task of getting Ben to the train. As the train begins to advance, Ben whistles to his horse and the horse follows the train. It's implied by this that Ben will escape and not go to prison...

Racer X

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