Harsh Times
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Jim Davis: My shit is on fire right now! My shit is wired right now, man.

Mike Alonzo: How was it like to straight up whack em up?
Mike Alonzo: Point and shoot. Pop, pop - move on! You do not stop and think.

Jim Davis: Damn, those are bad-ass kicks, dawg. You're lucky you got little bitch feet, or else I'd be stompin' around in them mother fuckers.

Jim Davis: I see dumb people.

Mike Alvarez: I've been workin' all day. I've been lookin' for work all day.

Jim Davis: I'll be a super recruit.

Jim Davis: Trigger time?

Jim Davis: Freeze, bitch! I'm gonna take that big ass of yours home.

Jim Davis: Fuck you, God! You ain't got the fuckin' balls to take my ass.

Sylvia: You have to keep trying until something happens. Finding a job is a job, right?

Marta: No, please don't go. Time freezes when you're gone.

Jim Davis: I'm a soldier of the apocalypse, man.

Sylvia: You're crazy and you're dangerous and my biggest nightmare is you with a fucking badge.

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