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Dead Silence (2007)

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Jamie starts destroying all of Mary Shaw's dummies,thinking that will kill her since she lives through her dolls. He throws Billy,the dummy,in the fireplace. Mary Shaw screams and disappeares. Jamie then goes upstairs and sees his dad,sitting slumped over. He says,"dad?",but gets no response. While going towards his dad's back,Jamie makes a startling discovery..his dad's back is all cut open and he is a puppet! His step-mom,Ella,is actually Mary Shaw and she killed Jamie's father and made him into a doll. All this time,Ella was doing the voice and movements for his dad. Ella then appears and says to Jamie,"Who's the dummy now?" She changes into the scary ghost of Mary Shaw,and Jamie screams. Jamie is then killed because he screamed,and turned into a dummy.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Jamie leaves his father, his stepmom Ella follows him and his father's head remains in an upright position. However at the end of the movie when Jamie has a flashback of everything that happened, it shows Ella was using his father as a puppet. In the flashback sequence when she lets go of his father to follow Jamie, his father's head automatically drops on his chest and does not remain upright like it did earlier.


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Det. Jim Lipton: You know, Jamie, you really are forcing me to use the word 'perplexed' an awful lot, lately.

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Trivia: When Jesse and the detective are in the upper room with all the dolls in the theater, in a wide shot you can see the doll from the Saw films.

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Question: Why did Mary get angry when the boy in the audience said that he could see her mouth moving? When a close-up of Mary is shown, she's moving her mouth.

Answer: Because he is heckling her and belittling her performance.

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