The Science of Sleep

Desperate to find a way to win Stephanie's heart, Stephane breaks into her apartment and steals her toy pony. He imagines that by fixing the broken pony, Stephanie will fall in love with him. As he tries to return the pony (now fixed), Stephanie comes home and catches him and is understandably creeped out and yells at Stephane to leave. However, she discovers what he did and calls him on the phone and forgives him. Two months pass, and Stephane is still in love with Stephanie, but she does not feel the same way. This drives Stephane mad, and after cracking his head open on her front door he decides to leave Paris and move back to Mexico. His mother insists that he say good-bye to Stephanie before his plane leaves, which he does, but cannot help himself as he berates Stephanie and acts crude. He finally stops and notices that she has finished making the boat with the trees, and after that he passes out on her bed, only to dream of the two of them riding away on the toy pony.


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