Mischief Night

Mischief Night (2006)

Ending / spoiler

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Qasim, the asian drug baron is the father of Tina's daughter, Kimberly who accidently (while protecting Asif from reprisels) shoots him with her teenage brother, Tyler's recovered handgun. He survives due to wad of cash in his pocket slowly down the bullet's penetration. Tina's dad gets stranded on the mosques' roof after his hot air balloon, is deflated (by i recall a stray firework). Macauley and his mates (Zak, Clay & Ollie) end their Mischief Night by befriending Nonce, the paedophile neighbour, but the cops show up before he can doing any harm to them and drag him off in a squad car. By the story's end Sarina has defied her parents arranged marriage, Immie's wife runs off with an Imam clerk, So Immie moves is daughter and himself in with Tina and Kimberly continues to see Immie's kid brother Asif


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