Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Lot 249: Andy (Christian Slater) dismembers the mummy and burns the scroll. The next day, Bellingham (Steve Buscemi) laughs because Andy burned the wrong scroll. Andy's sister (Julianne Moore) and his best friend are revived and come back to kill him. Cat from Hell: the black cat kills the hitman. The next day, Drogan returns to his mansion and the cat emerges from the hitman's body and Drogan has a fatal heart attack. Lover's Vow: Preston breaks his promise of keeping the murder a secret and it turns out that the woman he married is the gargoyle and she transforms back into a gargoyle and also his daughter. Because he broke his promise, Preston is killed by the gargoyle. The main story: the evil lady (Deborah Harry) is about to cook Timmy and he throws some marbles on the floor. The woman slips, accidentally stabs herself, Timmy reaches for the keys to the chains, releases himself and pushes the woman into the oven.

Racer X

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