The Devil Wears Prada

Corrected entry: When Andy goes to the fashion party on Nate's Birthday, her hair ornament is a white butterfly, but when she gets home it has changed to a white flower.

Correction: No, it is a white flower all the time.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the film, after Miranda has sat down in her car and told the driver to "go"; it doesn't look like she's actually in it in the next shot when the car takes off as Andy walks by.

Correction: She is visible in the car.

Corrected entry: In the last scene with Miranda, she enters her car from the left side, but is immediately seated in the right seat. There is no time for her to switch sides once she gets into the car. Nor is there any apparent reason why she would scoot from one side of the back seat to the other. (01:44:15)

Correction: There's enough time between shots for Miranda to have scooted from one side of the backseat to the other. She probably did this in order to get a better look at Andy standing across the street.


Corrected entry: When Emily is explaining to Andy about the 'Book,' she tucks her hair behind her right ear. When she straightens up her hair is untucked.

Correction: Emily doesn't actually tuck her hair behind her ear (at no point do you ever see her right ear) she only moves it out of her face so that it is not in the way of the shot. It only makes sense that when she straightens up her hair is "untucked".

Corrected entry: In the bar when Andie is giving her friends the expensive gifts, she hands her male friend a bottle of fragrance and says, "Prada." The bottle she hands him is not a Prada fragrance. It is, in fact, Aquolina Pink Sugar which is a women's fragrance. Even if you argue that she was not knowledgeable about fashion, the name is printed on the bottle.

Correction: Andie actually says "products". "And I have some products" are her exact words.

Corrected entry: When Andy throws her phone in the fountain just as Miranda is calling, you can see the London Eye in the background of the shot despite the fact that they are meant to be in Paris.

Correction: The fairy wheel in the background is the Roue de Paris, a famous Paris attraction, which looks totally different from its London counterpart.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the restaurant/bar when Andy is handing out the gifts from work, she hands Lily a Bang and Olufsen phone. Andy states that it's worth around $1100 dollars, but they are only $850. If she just checked the price how did it change so dramatically?

Correction: When a product is first introduced, it is almost always more expensive than awhile after it has been out. A 42" plasma TV USED to cost $10000, now they commonly sell for less than $2000. There's also a difference between retailers, and markup. I can find an item at Walmart for example, with a markedly different price than for the same item at another franchise.

Corrected entry: During the opening credits, Andy has a green mug of hot drink which she puts down to the left - we can see a small part of the handle - when the shot goes back a couple of seconds later, we can only see the tiniest bit of the handle and suddenly there is a lot of steam coming out of the mug that wasn't there in the first shot.

Correction: This is not a mistake. The shot is closer in, so less of the mug is seen.

Corrected entry: Emily says that "the book" is a mockup of the current issue, which makes no sense.The book should be a mockup of a future issue.

Correction: The current issue in that context means the one they are currently working on, not the one currently on stands.


Corrected entry: On Andy's first day at Runway, she is shown walking into a building belonging to Elias Clarke and the name of the company appears prominently in the lobby on every elevator bank. However, when Miranda is later that same day shown walking into the same building, she walks into a different lobby, where the elevator banks are different and there are no "Elias Clarke" signs.

Correction: As the submitter says, Miranda walks into a different lobby. It's not unlikely that the building could have more than one way to get up to the floor where Miranda's office is.

Corrected entry: In the scene featuring Miranda's interview with Andrea, Miranda comments on the fact that Andrea had never heard of her before. While Andrea has told this to Emily, there is no time for Emily to pass this info on to Miranda, as we see the entire conversation between Miranda and Emily from the moment Miranda walks in the door.

Correction: Miranda infers a great deal about Andy in those first few moments. Given Andy's clothing, lack of fear of Miranda's presence, and seeming lack of interest in a position thousands of women would kill for - Miranda correctly infers Andy does not know who she is. She doesn't need Emily to tell her.


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