Heart and Souls

Thomas's four friends do the one thing they needed to do before going to Heaven. Milo gives back the stamps; Harrison sings in front of a crowd ("The "Star Spangled Banner" at a B.B. King concert); Penny finds her son... who is the police sargent that kept on running into Thomas; Julia tries to deliver a letter to her ex-boyfriend John (telling him that she's never forgotten him).. but it turns out that he died 7 years ago. But then Julia realizes that her one task to perform before going to Heaven is to teach Thomas to not be afraid of the people he loves, to not run away and to not be afraid to tell people how he feels... in this case: Anne. Thomas is persuaded to tell Anne how he feels about her, gives her some keys and they stay together.


Factual error: When Thomas is at the race track and putting a bet down, the money he's holding is newer, even though the scene takes place in the 60s.

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Harrison Winslow: Who came up with this ridiculous concept anyway? Resolve your entire life in one bold stroke? What if I fail? And I will. I'll fail. I'm telling you. I always fail. Then my whole life will be a complete failure.
Thomas Reilly: No offense, Harrison. But you died a failure because you never tried.

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