Shadow Man

Shadow Man (2006)

8 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Jack shoots the cop Urick, the slug perforates his suit coat, both front and back, as well as his right lung. However, when he rendezvous with the Russians atop the parking garage, his suit coat is pristine. Had he changed into another identical coat, would he have not changed his bloody shirt and tie at the same time?

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where Seagal is locked in the room and creates his knife gun, Seagal walks over and smashes a wall. As the camera pans around from right to left, the camera goes past him and continues to the left showing a crew member facing him.

Plot hole: Why would the club/casino accountant let Jack take the money without reacting, and then - just as he got away, go berserk with a machine-gun - and keep shooting even though he was gone?

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: When Jack's father in law is waiting in the car outside the airport, he shuts the car door. In the shot just before the explosion, the door is open again.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the car chase, Anya tells Amanda to buckle up - and she does. A few minutes later, she tells Amanda to get down - and she immediately slides down from the seat. Where did the seatbelt go?

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: During the car chase in Bukarest, in all exterior shots of the Taxi, Amanda is not there. The seat-back shows, and she is tall enough (in the internal shots) so that she should have been visible.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the shoot-out with the CIA in the big mansion, Jack's shoots so many times that his gun should have run out of bullets.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: Anya has her hands tied on the back when she gets up from the chair, but when they run, they are suddenly untied.

Jacob La Cour

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