Blame It on the Bellboy

Blame It on the Bellboy (1992)

Ending / spoiler

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Scarpa makes Melvyn Orton deliver a bomb in a dingy to Maurice Horton with the intention of killing Melvyn but Alfio & Rossi mix up the tags on the cases, (one has Maurice's cash to Caroline Wright one is bobby trapped to detonate) the trio fire on Melvyn but in doing so he triggers the device blowing all three out of the water. Caroline Wright sells Horton a condemed villa, sestroying his marriage to Rosemary. Melvyn tricks his boss into going into another condemed villa which results in his demise and absconds with his payment the police spot him from the photos Alfio/Rossi took of their potential victims (with him holding the bomb) but he manages to evade capture when Caroline's newly purchased speed boat collides into the cops boat. Mike Lawton's real name is Charlton Black he leaves venice with Patricia Fulford to open a flower shop. conclusion; Melvyn Orton sets up a sports shop in the tropics specializing in protective crotch covers.Charlton regulary donates cash to a protection for birds (since he accidently shot several during his failed 'hits') Patricia attends small arms firing practices. Caroline sued the speed boat company and is now living with a sumo wrestler and the bell boy got the sack.


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