16 Blocks

Continuity mistake: Watch the newspapers on the front of the bus when Mos Def is getting off. At one point there is a big hole and you can see out, but in the very next shot a newspaper is covering it again.

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Continuity mistake: When Mosely is first transporting Eddie in his car and stops to buy a bottle of alcohol. The first hit is attempted on Eddie but as Mosely exits the store he shoots the hitman from behind. Watch closely as the camera does it's 360 around Mosely. His gun, a Glock, is jammed. It appears to have either a shell stuck in the chamber or it's just a mistake by the props department, they forgot to close it completely. Glocks fire from a closed chamber, then they eject the shell, load another and close the chamber again, in a single movement. It should be closed after he has fired the shot. When the camera comes back to Mosely after a slow look around the street, he is being fired upon by a second hitman. The gun chamber is now closed and ready to fire again. (00:12:45)

Continuity mistake: After Eddie gets back on the bus, and Jack smashes through parked police cars down the alley, you see that the tyres which had previously been shot out and had come loose have returned and are fully inflated.

Continuity mistake: The birthday candles on the cake from Eddie change colors between shots. In some shots they are all red, white, and blue, and in other shots there are other colors in the mix as well. (01:32:45)

Continuity mistake: When Moseley is playing back the tape recording of the conversation between him and Frank Nugent that they had several minutes ago, there is additional dialogue that is present on the recording, but not during their conversation. The recording adds the lines: Moseley: "So how about he was innocent?" Frank: "Innocent?" Moseley: "How about he didn't deserve to die?"

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Jack's sister receives the cake from a delivery man. When we see her take the box, it's a clean brown box with Up arrows printed on it. A few seconds later, we see her cutting it open thrown a whole lot of "Fragile Handle with care" tape around the box, and hand written instructions in red ink on the box.

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