King of New York

The Cops, lead by Tommy Flanigan(Snipes), Dennis Gilley(Caruso) and Roy Bishop(Argo) infiltrate White's club and kill most of White's bodyguards and crew. Noticeably spared is D'Alessio(Calderon). As White and Jimmy Jump(Fishburne) get into a car, the cop hangs onto the door, to which White impales the cop on a Fire Hydrant. In the ensuing chase, Jump and White split up. Jump hides as Tommy calls for him, but Jump hits Tommy five times center-mass, puncturing his flak jacket, killing him. Gilley walks up behind Jump, who's laughing maniacally, and kills him. The next day, Frank White drives to Tommy's Funeral and kills Gilley, in a drive-by shooting. This prompts Frank to visit Roy's apartment and explain his motives for taking over the drug trade. He explains to Bishop that Artie Clay had a 13 million dollar estate at the time of his death. He then explains how Larry Wong would have tenants living in his apartments to share a single toilet for 800 dollars a month, and how King Tito participated in Child Prostitution. He explains why he killed Emilio Zapa, and places a $250,000 contract on any cop's head that's involved with the case. Frank handcuffs Roy to a chair, Roy shoots his handcuffs off and makes his way to chase Frank. Frank and Roy meet on the Subway, where Frank takes a female hostage. Frank then kills Roy, not before getting shot in return. Frank makes his way to a cab, as well as having the NYPD swarming for Frank. Frank dies in the cab as the gun falls to his side.

Rich Strangfeld

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