Operation Pacific

Operation Pacific (1951)

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Corrected entry: When the sub first docks at Pearl Harbor, a mountain range is visible in the background. Pearl Harbor lies adjacent to a completely flat volcanic plain, and there are no mountains anywhere in its vicinity.


Jean G

Correction: Pearl is located with the Waianae Mountains (4,000+ feet) less than 9 miles to the West and the 3,000+ foot high Koolau Mountains to the East. All are highly visible from anywhere in Pearl Harbor.

Corrected entry: When Duke is talking to the sailor from Alabama, Junior, he is informed that Junior's great-grandfather served on the Merrimac. No Southerner would ever have referred to the CSS Virginia as the "Merrimac".

Correction: According to the official CSS Virginia website, some southern sources did refer to it as the Merrimac\Merrimack. BTW, according to them, the proper spelling is Merrimack, after the Merrimack river.http://cssvirginia.org/.


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