Ong-bak (2003)

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Just as Don's henchmen are about to kill Ting, Muay and Humlae, Ting and Humlae fight back and knock them all out. Ting gets some information out of Don before he passes out. He finds the hide out of Kom Thuan (the crime boss). Ting and Humlae raid the hidout and take out Thuan's men. At the hideout, we see that Thuan's men are drilling off a huge Buddha head. Ting faces off aginst the Burmese boxer who beat him in the rope fist fight earlier and kills him by driving him through the floor, but not before Ting is shot by a bullet from Thuan's gun. As Ting lays wounded on the floor, Thuan threatens to break Ong-Bak with a hammer. Humlae jumps in the way first and gets a few brutal shots to the back. The huge Buddha head becomes unstable and rolls onto Kom Thuan. Humlae manages to roll away to save Ong-Bak, but he is crushed in the process. As we cut out, we see that beneath the skin of the large Buddha head, is pure gold. Ting and Muay return to Nong Pradu with Ong-Bak.


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