The Fourth Protocol

The Fourth Protocol (1987)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: At the traffic hold up, when Caine spots Brosnan speed away in the blue Ford, Caine races back to his transit van and uses some creative off road driving to catch up. During this scene, damage to the van seems to appear and disappear, most noticeable is the license plate.

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Continuity mistake: When the troops are closing in around the house, Pierce Brosnan is listening to Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony. At one point the music is reaching the end, then it cuts to a shot of a soldier moving in closer, and when it cuts back the piece is finishing - however, the difference in time between the last bit we heard and the end isn't long enough for it really to have finished.

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Visible crew/equipment: When we first see Brosnan in the blue Ford escort you can see the boom mike reflecting on the bonnet near the ford badge.

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Continuity mistake: When Michael Caine breaks into the house at the start of the film, he uses a red lockpick which disappears when he checks the people on the stairs.

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