The Changeling

The Changeling (1980)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when the main character's wife and daughter are killed, being accidentally run over by the truck, you can see in the wide shots that there is no blood, no bodies, nor any sign at all that they were hit. They simply disappear in the shots where the truck supposedly hits them. Obviously done for the sake of safety, but still a pretty blatant mistake.

Correction: The wife and daughter were killed by the station wagon pushed over them by the snow plow. They were under the car.

Angela Canning

Corrected entry: Just before John Russell hears the pounding noise for the first time, the kitchen clock says 6 a.m. We can see the kitchen is bright and well lit. However, since the movie takes place between March and April, the sun is nowhere near that bright at 6 am.

Correction: It is fully light out here at 6 AM, it's exactly that time of year, and I live just north of the US border. We're also on Daylight Savings Time, which has started earlier in the year for the past two years, and without DST, we'd be even brighter at 6 AM. Finally, it depends on where he lives in the time zone. People living on the eastern edge of the time zone will be lighter in the morning, and darker sooner in the evening than people on the western edge of the time zone.



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