An abused lonely child known as Johnny is shoved down a well by a bunch of neighborhood bullies when a malicious prank backfires with tragic results. Discovered to have murdered his cruel mother Johhny winds up in a loony bin for the next decade, while on the outside everyone more or less forgets about him bar one girl Gretchen Peters who felt sorry for him and had sympathy towards his plight. But left brain damaged and facially disfigured due to the impact from the fall (down the well shaft) Johnny has been changed into a murderous psycho and while his abuses have forgotten him...he has far from forgotten them...and certainly hasn't forgiven any of them. So one night he breaks out of the nut house and returns home, vowing to reap bitter retrbution on those who left him this way...while searching out the only person in his entire childhood whoever treated him with kindness...Gretchen Peters


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