The Final Cut

The Final Cut (2004)

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Corrected entry: If cutters aren't allowed to have implants, why did EYE-tech hire Alan Hakman in the first place? They could have easily checked their computer to see that he had one put in at birth.

Correction: Cutters are not employed by EYE-Tech. They are independent contractors hired by the families. That is why the one cutter's cousin was worried about losing his job if they found a cutter in the EYE-Tech building.


Corrected entry: After Alan Hackman finishes talking to Isabel, they show the Zoe Implant's time as "8 hours" from Isabel's point of view but right after when Alan is being chased by Fletcher, Alan's Zoe Implant's time comes up: 7 hours.

Correction: The time on the ZOE Implants is not the time of day, but rather the time of her life. It was the 8th hour of her 'X' day on her 'Y' Year, where it was Alan's 7th hour of his 'X' day on his 'Y' year.

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