Blade: Trinity

Almost all the Night Stalkers are killed except Abby, who was out with Blade, and King, who was kidnapped. Abby and Blade are ticked off. A video is left behind by Sommerfield, saying that there is a finished sample of the Daystar virus, but it might kill Blade. The gas sample is turned into an arrow. Blade and Abby rescue King, and they tear up the place. Abby fights her own battle, Blade fights Dracula in uber ugly form, and King runs from vampire dogs and that vampire chick. Before Drac can kill Blade, Abby shoots him with the sample, but he catches it. However, Blade manages to stab him with it, killing all the vampires in the facility. The sample does not kill Blade. Drac respects Blade's fight and changes into Blade to throw off cops from him. He also says that the future of vampires rests with Blade. Alternate endings: 1) Blade's body is taken to a morgue and it's him and not Dracula/Drake (like in the theatrical ending). Blade wakes up and is about to bite and feed from a nurse. This ending is ambiguous because we don't know if Blade has given in to his vampire thirst. 2) the Daystar virus created by the Night Stalkers goes around the globe and kills all vampires. The Night Stalkers start hunting werewolves.

Anthony M. Bownes

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