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Raising Helen

Raising Helen (2004)

8 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When Helen takes the kids to the fashion show, they walk past Paris Hilton, who is sitting just to the left of the stairs. A minute later, when the little girl sees Paris' dog, Paris is now sitting on the opposite side of the runway.

Mark Bernhard

Continuity mistake: When Helen and her daughters are watching the basketball game, two girls from the row in front of Helen appear and disappear several times.

Continuity mistake: When Helen talks to the Pastor on the stairs in front of the school, her hair is illuminated whenever she is in the center of the shot. In other shots there is no light on her.

Continuity mistake: After the birthday party, when the three women are talking in the kitchen, watch the stuff on the table next to the pregnant woman. There is a metal pot, which temporarily becomes a frying pan, and a yellow dishcloth, which appears and disappears.

Continuity mistake: When one of the girls goes into the bathroom shortly after the death, there is one photo on the wall outside the door of a boy. In a later shot, a photo of a girl appears as well.

Continuity mistake: When Helen starts a conversation with the boy in the basketball gym, there are 4 balls visible behind her. Their location change in another shot, although nobody was moving them.

Continuity mistake: At the hippo's birthday party, the waiter takes two empty glasses from the table. In the next shot the glasses are still on the table and then disappear again.

Continuity mistake: After Helen wins the ham, she goes into the the children's room to surprise them. She begins talking to the youngest daughter Sarah. Pay attention to Helen's hair. Sometimes her hair is tucked behind her ear, sometimes it isn't.


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