13 Going On 30

13 Going On 30 (2004)

Plot summary

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Its Jennas birthday and her friend matt gives he a dream house with wishing dust on it. Afterwards the popular people and the guy shes got a crush on comes around and Matt goes to get his keyboard. Tom-tom says they gonna play 7th heaven and tells her to go to the closet and wait for the guy she fancys to go in there and do what ever he wants to her. They all leave and on the way out Matt enters and Tomtom says to Matt that Jenna is waiting in the closet for her. Matt goes in and Jenna is blindfolded and she removes her blindfold and sees its Matt and thinks Matt chased of all the popular people away and gets mad. She wishes that the was 30 years old and then the wish comes true because of the wishing dust. She finds out that she got everything she wanted, had plastic surgery is still friends with Tom tom and works for her fave magazine. She also figures out that her "friend" isnt a true one and the guy she fancies is really ugly and works as a cab driver.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, Mattie hands Jenna the dream house he made for her 13th birthday. There is hardly any "wishing dust" on the roof. However, when she goes outside and sits on her front porch, there is plenty of wishing dust all over the roof of the toy house now.

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Jenna: You are rude, and mean, and sloppy, and frizzy - and I don't like you at all.

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Trivia: Wrong places at the wrong times - the man who is hit by Jenna's thrown shrimp tail early in the party is the same one whose drink receives her dropped pina colado fruit.

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