The Butterfly Effect

Corrected entry: After Evan has convinced Kaylee's father not to make the "Robin Hood" Movie his next intervention is when he gives the shard to Lenny, who kills Kaylee's brother with it. In the alternate reality resulting from this killing the "Robin Hood" strangely exists again (as "prostitute" Kayley tells when talking to Evan), although this intervention earlier in the timeline should not have been affected by the second intervention. And strangely, after the third intervention that makes Evan lose his arms (and that is again placed after the basement intervention) Kayley seems happy again as if the movie has not been made.

Correction: Crack whore Kayley never mentions having been molested by her father. All she says is: "Go back to when I'm seven and fuck me in front of Daddy's video camera. Straighten me out a bit. " This refers to the fact that Evan just told her (offscreen) that, originally, she had been molested and then he has undone it in a new timeline. Kayley in the timeline where she's a crack whore didn't experience abuse by her father. (The reason she's so screwed up is because her brother was killed, she got a scar on her face and then interacted with the wrong people.) So, she tells Evan to go back and DO have sex with her in that situation that he once prevented. She sarcastically remarks that maybe this situation would actually make her life better.

Corrected entry: After Evan goes back in time and accidentally causes the death of Kayleigh with the blockbuster, he ends up being placed in a mental institution for the remainder of his life. When he awakes in this timeline and asks for his journal, the doctor explains that he has asked for them before, but that they did not exist. However, the Evan that grew up in that mental institution shouldn't have any memory of traveling in time, and using those journals to do so. After a blackout, young Evan never remembers what happens during the blackout or why those journals are so important so the doctor should be hearing about these non-existent journals for the first time.

Correction: We aren't shown everything that happens in Evan's life when he changes the past. It's quite likely that he does remember what happens after he changes the outcome of a blackout, but obviously doesn't bring it up to anybody, or else they'd think he's crazy. Being in a mental hospital, they already know he's crazy, and the journals are the only way to fix it, so of course he would demand them whenever he could.


Corrected entry: Evan lives his childhood and has several blackouts in which events happen that he does not remember. We later find out that as an adult he goes back in time with the use of his journals and live out said blackouts. Ignoring the problem with his hand scars, he goes back and relives each blackout, except for one. When Kayleigh's father makes Kayleigh and Evan presumptively have sex with each other (thereby scarring Kayleigh in the first timeline), we never see Evan actually go back in time and sleep with her (for good reason). He goes back to that blackout, but he never has sex with her. So how did that happen? Did he live that blackout as a child? He never did that for the others; it was the older Evan acting during those times. Perhaps he accidentally went back while sleeping, thought it was a dream, and had sex with her. And they just gloss over it.

Correction: He does go back. But it is shown prior to anything occurs. He tells Kaleigh's father he is being watched. We can assume at this point he stops whatever he was going to do.


Corrected entry: When Evan is in the prison, he goes back to when Tommy burns his dog. He wakes up a few minutes before the incident and finds something for Lenny to cut open the sack with, however Evan had not blacked out at this point at the beginning of the movie; he had only blacked out later after he lunged for Tommy.

01:16:50 - 01:18:45

Correction: The whole point of this movie is that Evan can change the past. He typically goes back to times that he remembers having blacked out only because he figured out that's why he blacked out and he wants to see what happened during his memory lapse. This does not mean he is limited to only returning to his past during those periods.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Evan wakes up and falls off Kayleigh's bed, he has white boxers on. He then wraps a towel around him and proceeds down the hallway. Yet when he's in the girl's showers you can notice that when he discovers the naked girl behind him, he shows a little too much of himself to be wearing much of anything below it.

00:55:15 - 00:56:45


Correction: He never loosens the towel that's around his waist, so nothing is shown. And the sink is covering him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Evan, now in prison, heads towards the gang leaders cell to "make a deal", you can see him walking past several gang members outside, obviously watching over the leaders. Yet when he stabs one of the leaders, picks up his journal and calls for Carlos to help, Carlos runs into the cell from the same side as Evan went in. Surely the gang members outside the cell would have seen Carlos follow Evan towards the cell and stopped him from entering after seeing Evan stab their leader?

Correction: Carlos had been in prison a long time, was a religious man, and wasn't seen as a threat. There was also mass confusion, they probably just didn't see him or pay attention.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the scene where Evan wakes up as a frat boy in bed with Kayleigh he falls out of bed; as he hits the ground and in the following second his white boxer shorts move to the side and the result for a second is quite revealing. This was noticed on the DVD and is even more obvious if the film is slowed down slightly.


Correction: Where is the movie mistake? This is what happens when a guy wears boxer shorts.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: According to Tommy's tombstone, he died in April 1995. However, the movie they saw days before his death, Se7en, was not released until September 1995.

Correction: There is no month on Tommy's tombstone, just the years.

Corrected entry: In Evan's final attempt to change the past he scares Kayleigh away and they lived happily. In the rush of new memories it shows what happened to Kayleigh's family. These memories are something he shouldn't have because he never saw them anymore.

Correction: Those are not his memories. The clips are just there to show the audience how Kayleigh's life turned out without Evan.


Corrected entry: Evan's mother drives a 2 door car. When Evan, Kayleigh and Evan's mom are in the car just before Evan's mom announces they are moving, Kayleigh gets out the back door. However, she can't do this - there is no back door.

Correction: If you look closely you can see that Evan moves forward to allow Kayleigh to exit. Afterward you see Evan moves back to his original position.

Corrected entry: When Evan is awakened from his hypnosis session, he has a nosebleed, which is trickling down his face and around the left side of his chin. When the nosebleed began, he was lying on his back, so the blood should run back towards his ear, rather then straight down his chin. As the doctor is trying to wake him, blood is seen to be moving in this direction, so even if more blood had run down his chin after he sat up, the other path should still be visible.


Correction: Evan was propped up slightly by the back of the couch he was lying on, explaining why the blood ran down his face instead of across it.

Corrected entry: There are two sorts of black outs in Ashton's youth. Ones that are caused by strong traumatic situations (the exploding mailbox, the burning of the dog) and the others are caused by returning to that spot from the future (the kitchen knife, the interview with the father). So, in the first sort of black outs, Ashton alters the past by returning to them (like in Back to the Future), in the second kind, the past is already altered since it's gone, and it contains Ashton's return and its causes from the very beginning (like in 12 Monkeys). Doesn't this seem weird?

Correction: Every blackout Evan has is due to going back in his own lifetime and either altering it or not. The dog burning scene and the exploding mailbox scene are both scenes in which Evan went back, but essentially didn't change anything at first.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: Evan is in his prison cell trying to convince Carlos to help him. He goes back in time to when he got in trouble for the picture, to smash his hands on the teachers note holders giving him the stigmata marks needed to convince Carlos. Before, when Evan 'does' get in trouble for the picture when he was 'actually' younger, stabbing his hands never happened. Evan only blacks out when he is young because he goes back in time at that moment in the future when he is older; at no point did Evan go back in time just to draw a picture.

Correction: Incorrect. Evan can go back to any time he chooses to. He just needs to remember a "key event" in his past to go back there. He mainly goes back to times he "blacks out" because he can easily remember those "key events". Getting into trouble for the drawing is one of those "key events" he can recall the memory of easily.


Corrected entry: When the children are 13, they go to the cinema to see the film "Se7en". When "Se7en" was released it was given an "R" rating, meaning no-one under 17 would be permitted entry without an accompanying adult. Thus, they should not have been able to see that film.

Correction: Since when does a movie theatre actually enforce that rating? Many kids can also buy for one movie and walk into another. Also, the rating system isn't law, so the theatre doesn't have to enforce it if they don't want to.


Corrected entry: When Evan and Thumper are in their dorm room, Evan decides to try going back in time using his journal and Thumper warns him not to because he says that he "might wake up more f*cked up than he already is." Then later in the movie he goes to visit prostitute Kayleigh and tells her that she is the first and last person he has ever told. He must have told Thumper, otherwise he wouldn't have known that Evan could "wake up" after reading his journal.

Correction: Thumper does NOT necessarily know why Evan is reading his journals. He thinks Evan is trying to conduct some kind of therapy or hypnosis, etc., and that is why he says Evan might wake up more F*cked up etc. With Evan being a weird psychology student (growing mice in the dorm room), Thumper might expect some strange behaviours. He does not know that Evan is literally going back in time.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the basement when Evan is confronting Kayley's father (when he goes back in time), the camera keeps switching shots back and forth between Evan and Kayley's father. The red light on the camera is on the whole time until the end, when he Evan threatens Kayley's father (when he says he is going to castrate him if he messes up).

Correction: The father has his hand on the camera during the whole conversation, so he could have stopped the recording.


Corrected entry: When the young Evan is getting the knife to stop the firework, in one shot he is trying to put the knife in his pocket. However, in the next, he has the knife down by his side and is not moving.


Correction: This is because he heard his mother coming and froze. Then he blacked out the memory, and did not know why he was holding the knife.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first scene where Evan is writing his final note before watching the home-made movie and he's reading out loud he speaks the words slowly, but in the second scene, near the end, he's talking much faster. It is supposed to be the same scene both times.

Correction: Yes this is true, but if you noticed that, then you must have noticed that the first time that scene is played, the whole thing is slower. If you have the dvd, listen to the audio commentary and you will here the co-writers/co-directors say that the first time is slower, and that its done on purpose.

Corrected entry: Evan manipulates people's actions, but nothing in the world around them changes. The only people who seem to be affected are the protagonists. If their lives had changed, even if it was minor. When in the film, it seems to be major lifetime changes that occur. Then there would be a large number of differences to the world that Evan eventually ends up in.

Correction: Not necessarily. If these people were changed it wouldn't have a huge effect on the world since the people aren't very influential to what goes on in the world. If however, he had killed a world leader or someone of high power then it would cause a huge effect.

Corrected entry: In the first scene that Evan has the knife, the camera shows Evans Mom grab her purse off the couch and she is swinging it in her hand. They cut to Evan holding the knife and back to the mother, NO PURSE.

Correction: She probably dropped the purse when she saw her cheerful son holding a big knife in his hand from the shock of it.

Corrected entry: Every time Evan blacks out, it's a time when he could go back in time and change things. However, he didn't go back until AFTER he was grown up (e.g. the scene in the basement with Kayleigh's dad, the first time he didn't call him a f****ag). However, he blacked out just before he got the knife in the kitchen, and he was getting the knife to stop the firework from blowing his arms off. And, when he blacked out with his dad in the hospital, it was because he had gone back and told him he was going back, which is why the dad attacked him. Seems it's one rule one minute and a different one the next.


Correction: There are really no set "rules" to his going back in time. Rather, he only really tries to go back to when he has had a blackout, hence having the blackout. But at the very end, he is able to travel back using the video, but was not having a blackout at the time the video was made.

Corrected entry: In the Director's Cut DVD version, in the scene after Evan's mother took Evan to see the fortune teller, she told him about two still-births occurred before he was born. However at the end of the movie, when Evan travelled back to the time when he was about to be born, the voice of his mother mentioned about three still births before him.

Correction: Since Evan was getting new memories showing a life without him and showing his parents with another baby, a girl, Evan could have been hearing his mother telling the girl after she grew up about the two babies and also about Evan, making it three babies.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Evan kills Tommy, Evan is moving around pretty well for someone who just got bashed in the gut with a steel pipe.

Correction: I could assume that with all of the repressed hate, fear, and anger Evan had against Tommy the pure adrenaline could make him forget about the pain for a few seconds.

Corrected entry: When Evan goes back in time to destroy the "block-buster," he should have gone back to when he was thirteen, not seven. I doubt the father held onto the device for six years.

Correction: The father did keep it for 6 years. That's how the kids got it when they were 13. They remembered where it was from when they were 6.

Corrected entry: When Evan does his second trip back (the one were he burns himself with a cigarette)the entry he reads says "the next thing I know I was running in the woods and Lenny fell on top of me". Thats not true, we can see in the scene in the woods that Lenny fell next to Evan.

Correction: The guy is going back in time changing this, so stuff like where someone falls can easily be affected......

Corrected entry: When we first see Evan with the knife in his kitchen his mother says "Evan, Evan what are you doing with that knife?" When he goes back to this point his mother says his name only once. This cannot be said to be an alternative reality because nothing before this sentence has been altered.

Correction: In those scenes when he goes back, a lot of it is focusing on what he sees and his's possible since he was almost going nuts trying to figure out what do do he didn't hear his mom the first time so we only heard his name called out once that time.

Corrected entry: After the romantic dinner with Kayleigh, Evan ends up killing Tommy in self defense. The next scene shows Evan in jail. Given the rich crowd he was with and Tommy's criminal past, Evan would have most certainly been able to get out on bail. Even if they held him without bail, he would have been in a holding cell for a few days, where his mother could have easily given him his notebooks.

Correction: As for the comment that the rich crowd he was with would have helped...they all seemed like selfish (expletive deleted) so I doubt they could be counted on....And they obviously fast forwarded past the trial and everything anyway, but he just killed someone so he could have been distraught and not thinking straight, not to mention trying to figure everything out from jumping through time.........

Corrected entry: After the initial scene when we see the "crazy" Kutcher the next scene is said to take place "13 years earlier". This cannot be true because if this would be 13 years before Kutcher tries to get back a last time Kayley would die in her father's basement.

Correction: A lot of things can happen in one year (i.e. it could not have been timed to the day).

Corrected entry: In the scene in prison, when Evan goes back in time in order to prove to Carlos that Jesus talks to him, he stabs his palms so hard that the bruises remain in his adulthood. Wouldn't something as substantial as that also change his future rather unpredictably? At the very least because of all the therapy they'd sent him into. He couldn't be sure to return to the cell with Carlos.

Correction: None of the major events in his life would change. He would still go to therapy. He also drew that picture to make sure they send him to therapy. But even if he didn't end up in prison with Carlos, what's wrong with that? He would have escaped prison..

Corrected entry: In the prison part, Evan is going to talk to the two big guys in the cell. When his religious friend comes to help, you can see the four of them fighting in the cell. Suddenly, in a change of shots, the religious guy is closing the two big guys outside the cell.

Correction: The guys that Carlos is holding the door against are different prisoners, not the two that he and Evan just stabbed. If you look behind Carlos you can see that the two guys who live in that cell are lying dead or unconscious on the floor.

Corrected entry: When the kids put the dynamite in the mail box, young Evan's friend is afraid that he'll get blown up, so Evan uses his cigarette as a delay. When older Evan goes back for the first time, his cigarette falls out his mouth causing the nasty burn on his abdomen. This can't be possible because it's in the mail box. He returns to the past ONLY during his blackouts and he only blacks out after the dynamite is in the mailbox with the cigarette attached.

Correction: Just after Evan puts his cigarette on the dynamite, he lights a new cigarette and this is the cigarette that falls out his mouth in other timeline.

Corrected entry: At Mr. Miller's house, the young Evan blacked out while starring in the kiddy porn film. When he woke up his top was off. He went back to that day two or three times to try and change it. At the start of every flash back his top was on and he never took it off

Correction: During the two times Evan returns to this 'blackout' Mr Miller asks both him and Kayleigh to "kiss like adults do, so take off your clothes". This happens during the blackout. When we see young Evan with his sweater covering his nakedness it is after he has woken up from the blackout and therefore after he had carried out Mr Miller's original instructions.

Corrected entry: When they all go to the movies, they see the movie Seven over Dumb and Dumber. Seven was released in 1995, while Dumb and Dumber in 1994.

Correction: This is small town America, who is to say that either Dumb & Dumber took longer to get to that town, or the cinema decided to show it again for some reason. It is perfectly plausible that they would both be showing in the same cinema. Maybe Dumb & Dumber was a popular film in that town, and they showed it every month, once a month.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Evan takes Kayleigh to the romantic dinner, look at her hair while they are seated. One shot has a flower petal that landed in her hair, but the remaining shots do not.

Correction: So the petal landed in her hair? Could it not have fallen out when Kayleigh moved her head or been blown out by the obvious breeze seen moving the lights in the veranda area? Petals aren't fixed you know...

Corrected entry: In the scene where Evan wakes up in Kayleigh's bed at the sorority house, he gets another nosebleed. Kayleigh tells him to go clean up, and as he's walking through the halls, you can hear some sorority sisters singing a little cheer. They say "C-H-I P-H-I B-E-T-A." It sounds like they are doing a sorority cheer, but the Greek letters they actually are cheering are those of Evan's fraternity, Chi Phi Beta (his letters can be seen on the green t-shirt he wears in later scenes). Isn't it a bit odd for the sorority girls to be saying a cheer for a fraternity?

Correction: Many soroities and fraternities are partnered up and do "team" activities. There's nothing usual about these girls singing a chant for their "brothers".


Corrected entry: After the opening scene, the next scene begins with two boys riding their bikes down a steep hill and through a "+" intersection toward the camera. The intersecting street on the right has a stop sign on the wrong side of the street. It looks like the filmstrip has been reversed.

Correction: It is unlikely that the filmstrip was reversed because in the same shot is a 30mph speed limit sign which reads correctly. The road on which the stop sign is located could be one-way so the sign would be in the correct location.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Even gets in jail, he is trying to get back by reading his papers about the day he had to draw picture but it doesn't make sense because he started to write in the diary only some days after this event.

Correction: Evan's mother took him get checked up that same day, which is when Evan started to write in the journal.

Corrected entry: During the movie the young Ashton character blacks out just before traumatic events happen. We find out later in the film that those blackouts are a result of the older Ashton character travelling back in time to change the course of history. However if the older Ashton had travelled back in time to change history causing the blackouts then why did the young Ashton awake from the blackouts having experienced the same bad events that the older Ashton was trying to change?

Correction: Young Evan only awoke after having experienced bad events in the original timeline. After that it is never shown what happens after Evan changes the past.

Corrected entry: If Evan goes back in time and changes the course of events, then wouldn't that change what's written in the journals? When Evan "wakes up" in a new reality, each time he doesn't really know what type of person he is currently or what type of life he leads, yet when he reads his journals, he knows right where to find what he's looking for. If he had changed everything that had happened in his life up until then, wouldn't what was written in the journals change also?

Correction: Evan only writes what he can remember happening BEFORE the blackouts. When he returns in time, he tries to fix what happened DURING the blackouts. Therefore, he would still have his entries about where they were and what they were doing, just not what actually happened.


Corrected entry: Why is it that Evan can remember everything from his alternate lifetimes yet, supposedly, whenever he changes something, those lifetimes don't happen?

Correction: If you notice every time he wakes up after making the changes, his mind is flooded with 13 years of new memories, and he gets a nose bleed. When he's at the doctor getting his results, he explains that his brain is hemorrhaging because the brain is "overloaded" with too many memories at once. He can remember everything because when he changed the past, the memories that he would have had, had he actually gone through it all, come to him all at once.

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Jason Treborn: You can't change who people are without destroying who they were.



When Evan is in jail with the religious prisoner trying to get him to help him get his journals back he goes to the scene where he is drawing that homicidal picture in kindergarten, but he gets up and puts the spikes that holds documents through his hands, creating a stigmata-style scar. The religious guy in the cell with him is so amazed because of this he thinks Evan is a prophet and he decides to help him. If Evan had gone back in time and got those scars on his hands, he would have changed the original timeline and would have arrived in jail with those scars the whole time. Some people try to correct this using the "If I can create scars, then can I fix them?" statement Evan made to defend the mistake and suggest he can create instant scars but he was using the word "scars" to refer to the negative events; not literal scars on his body. The scar he got when he burned himself in the past didn’t magically appear on him the moment he returned from the past; it became part of a new, slightly altered timeline (just like the scars on his hands should have been) and it let him know he can change history.



An alternate ending to the film has Evan going back to when he was in the womb and killing himself by squeezing the umbilical cord to save his friends from events he may cause. On the DVD Director's cut.