Girl with a Pearl Earring

A 17 year old girl named Griet is sent to work in the household of the painter Johannes Vermeer when her father loses his job because he's blind. Vermeer decides to have Griet work as his assistant and clean his studio. Van Ruiven, the guy who pays Vermeer to paint, makes Vermeer paint a picture of Griet - because he 'likes' her. This results in the famous picture, Girl With A Pearl Earring. Also, Griet deals with the attentions of Pieter, the family butcher.

Factual error: When Griet is introduced to the camera obscura, far too much light is projected onto Vermeer's and Griet's faces. Camera obscuras don't make their own light; rather the image produced on the viewing screen is always dull.

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Vermeer: Look at me. Now, turn your head. Not your shoulders. Look at me. There. That's it.

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