How the West Was Won

Corrected entry: When Linus Rawling's son comes home from the Civil War, his brother shows him their parents' gravestones, and says something to the effect that "Paw isn't really buried here, I just set up a marker." However, the ground in front of Linus Rawling's gravestone is raised into a rectangular mound. If there is just a gravestone with nothing buried under it, the ground in front of it should be flat.

Correction: It is possible that an empty coffin was buried in the grave. This is not unheard of in other cases.

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Approximately 46 minutes into the film, Robert Preston is testing a new bullwhip. The whip is in his left hand as he brings his arm back and cracks the whip. He brings the left arm back for a second crack, and the shot changes to a closer angle just as he brings the whip down, only now it is suddenly in his right hand and not the left. The editing, the sound effect, the arm swing all seem perfectly coordinated, except that the whip changed hands between camera set-ups.



Although Carroll Baker plays George Peppard's mother in this film, she was only three years his senior.