Better Luck Tommorow

Better Luck Tommorow (2002)

Ending / spoiler

Ben finishes Steve off with a bat to end the struggle on Jesus's garage. Daric pays Jesus money out of Steve's pocket to bury Steve in the backyard. Steve's body twitches and they realize he's still alive. Virgil holds Steve's head up as Daric gags Steve to death and tells Ben that "everything's going to be okay, Ben". The boys dig through the night and bury the body. They then attend the New Years party and Stephanie thinks that Steve stood her up. She and Ben kiss. Sometime later, Steve's cell phone rings and Ben and Virgil dig up the phone. The call was from Stephanie. Ben debates with himself whether or not to call the police and turn himself (and the guys) in for the murder. He tries but couldn't do it. Virgil calls Han over to his house and tries to commit suicide. Han brings him to the hospital. The gang splits up and then they all graduate. Stephanie gets a new car and she picks up Ben and asks him if he's seen Steve, but she says he tends to disappear all the time. She kisses him again and they ride off.

Tony Dao



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