It Could Happen To You

It Could Happen To You (1994)

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Corrected entry: When Charlie pushes the robber in the convenience store, he falls through lots of glass. He goes through backwards, but afterwards his face is all cut up.

Correction: Even if you fall through a plate glass window backwards, you will still have shards of glass falling on you after you have gone through it. The cuts on his face are likely from falling shards of glass.

Corrected entry: Charlie and Muriel call the Lotto office and are told that a bowling team took "about $9 million" out of the jackpot. This is impossible. They would have to get the same amount as Charlie and Muriel. While it is possible (but VERY unlikely) that the bowling team bought multiple tickets with the same exact numbers and therefore would get a bigger share, they still could not have gotten $9 million. Since Charlie only bought one ticket, even if the team bought more than one ticket, they would have to get some multiple of $4 million.

Correction: Another possibility, Charlie's ticket was lump sum while the bowling team got annual payments - you (eventually) get around 2x the amount depending on how much annuities are paying at the time.

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