Real Women Have Curves

Real Women Have Curves (2002)

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Corrected entry: In the last day of school Ana starts to leave the classroom when she is called by her teacher. After their conversation Ana hands the teacher a gift and leaves. If the teacher hadn't called her before she left she wouldn't have given him the gift that she obviously was prepared to give him.

Correction: She could have easily forgotten she had the gift and thought about it when the teacher called her. Or she could have decided not to give it to him, but then after the talk decided to go ahead and give it to him, either way it's a character mistake or decision.

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As a college student this has always bothered me. It is impossible for a first year student to apply to a school as prestigious as Columbia University in the MIDDLE of the summer and not only receive admission, but a FULL-RIDE scholarship. A quick check on Columbia's website revealed that the deadline for ALL students was May 15 and most of the scholarships given out come from outside agencies, not the school itself. Even though Ana's teacher said he has a friend up there, there is still no way such strings can be pulled in that short amount of time.