Ghost Ship

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning and especially at the end, Julianna Margulies spends extensive time in the ocean, wearing nothing but cargo pants and a T-shirt. Considering the movie takes place just off the Bering Strait, wouldn't she have quickly frozen to death? (01:21:05)

Ghost Ship mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: When the passengers are cut by the wire while dancing, some of the clothing on the torsos defies gravity. A man's coat tails and pants fall but a woman's dress stays put when nothing would have held it from falling from her lower half in the same way. (00:04:00 - 00:05:10)

Deliberate mistake: If the captain is bending over the girl to protect her and the line is at about mouth height for him, the line couldn't have gone straight through his mouth. Instead, it would have run from the back of his lower jaw up and horizontally to his left eye. (00:05:00)

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