The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Corrected entry: How can Pluto have a mother if he is a clone?

Correction: Rex Crater is a clone of Pluto Nash. Pluto himself is an "original".


Corrected entry: The story line is based around mobsters wanting to buy Nash's club to turn it into a casino, and then trying to pressure him when he won't sell. At the end the boss of the mobsters turns out to be a clone of Nash, complete even with his memory. If this is the case why buy the club? Just kill Nash and have the clone take over running the place.

Correction: The mobsters would also have to eliminate Nash's android, all of his employees, and anyone he does business with to run the club, just in case someone notices that the clone is acting contrary to Nash's wishes or interests. Not only that, but even for organized crime killing is a last resort (murder attracts much more attention from the authorities than extortion and there's always the chance an underling will botch things). It's easier just to pressure Nash into selling the club, making everything legitimate and risking far less jail time in case the scheme falls apart.


Continuity mistake: When Rex strangles Pluto, Dina, who was right by Pluto's side in the close-up, disappears in the side-on shot.

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Mogan: Hey Bruno. What are you? A 65?
Bruno: Model 63. Deluxe.
Kelp: 63? Talk about ancient.
Bruno: Your sister didn't seem to mind.

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Trivia: This film was completed in 2000, but it was not released until 2002.

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Question: I know Hilary Clinton is on one of the denomination of the lunar money. But at the end, when Felix is in Pluto's new club, there's money sitting on a waitress' tray of a different denomination with someone else on it. Who is on that bill? If there were other bills seen (i.e. deleted scenes) who is on those?


Answer: You can't see any other bills and there are no deleted scenes that show the money either. The only money gag in the film is with Hilary Clinton.


At 1:27:38 there's money on the waitress' tray that does not appear to be Clinton as the profile angle is different.


That's true but you cannot see it well enough to answer the question of who is on the bill.


I couldn't tell either, or find it online. That's why I asked, hoping someone with knowledge of Pluto Nash props would know or perhaps it was mentioned in a DVD extra somewhere. It's clear that it's lunar money and time and effort went into making it, so someone has to know.

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