Chariots of Fire

Continuity mistake: In the 1924 Olympics, the Eric Liddell character is handed a slip of paper prior to running. As he runs in the race, the paper is not in his hand. When he crosses the finish line it magically reappears.

Continuity mistake: When Eric Liddell is approaching the end of the Olympic 400 metre race the camera cuts away for reaction shots of those watching and responding to his approaching victory. The close-up shot of Harold Abrahams is taken from earlier in the film when Harold was reacting to his own defeat by Eric. You can see at the bottom of the frame that Harold is wearing a tweed jacket and not the blue official blazer of the British team which he would have been wearing while viewing Eric's race.

Continuity mistake: When Colonel Keddie meets Mr. Mussabini at the long jump sand pit during the Championship between France and Scottland, Mussabini just threw away his cigar stub before Keddie approached him. Cut. Camera shows them from the side and Mussabini holds the cigar in his hand again. (00:33:35)

Continuity mistake: When Abrahams finishes his rendition of "He is an Englishman", the shot from the back of the room shows Nigel Havers character, and the man next to him, standing up to applaud. Everyone else stays seated. Cut to a closer shot from the front of Havers and the other guy applauding, and they are level with everyone behind them, i.e. they are still sitting down.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Harold Abrahams loses to Eric Liddell, Harold admonishes himself for 'looking for Liddell' towards during the race. Whilst the medium shots of the race show this, if you watch the entire race, at the beginning of the scene, he is always looking only forward.

Factual error: Another flag gaffe: The Canadian flag in the 1920s was either the red ensign or the Union Jack. The Maple Leaf only became the national flag in 1965.

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Lord Birkenhead: Liddell, he is your future king, are you refusing to shake his hand? Does your arrogance extend that far?
Eric Liddell: My arrogance, sir, extends just as far as my conscience demands.
Lord Birkenhead: Fine, then let's hope that is wise enough to give you room to maneuver.

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Trivia: In the film, the 100 meter bronze medalist is a fictional character named Tom Watson. The real medalist was Arthur Porritt of New Zealand, who asked his name not to be used.

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