Hey Arnold! The Movie

When a powerful developer named Scheck wants to tear down the loved neighborhood that Arnold and his friends and grandparents live at and build a "mall-plex,Arnold and Gerald make many plans on how to save it.Their plans included handing out fliers to people saying no to Scheck,and having a block party where everyone is invited.When time draws closer to demolition of the neighborhood,2 days exactly,Arnold still isnt ready to give up like everyone else is after their failed attempts to fight back.

Arnold's grandpa Phil tells Arnold a story about a tomato war that happened in that town years ago,and Arnold realizes that if that event did indeed happen,the neighborhood would be a historical site and therefore couldnt be torn down.Arnold and Gerald find out that it did really happen,so they set out to find the document to prove it.The search for the document leads them to the large office building of Scheck.A mysterious person named deep voice calls Arnold and Gerald many times throughout the movie,to help them get the document.When the boys talk to Scheck,he says there was no such event only because secretly,he knew uncovering that document that he was holding would ruin his plans.

However,deep voice tells Arnold and Gerald that he really did have the document,and they had to get a key that one of Scheck's helper's wore around his neck in order to open the file cabinet where the document is placed.Arnold manages to get the key(very early the morning of the demolition plan),sneak into the Scheck building,finally find and open the file cabinet,but the document isnt there.Scheck burns it in front of them.Arnold and Gerald think its hopeless,until Arnold gets his hands on the video tape footage of Scheck burning the document.It is good proof still,so Arnold steals the video recording and races back to the neighborhood on the bus,now being chased by Scheck and those who work for him.

With only a few minutes to spare before the demolition of their neighborhood,Arnold,Gerald and Helga make it back in time to show this videotape.The mayor sees it,and so do many others living in that town,and declare it a historical place that definatly cannot be torn down.

Continuity mistake: There's a scene where Arnold is talking about saving the neighbourhood, while Helga is on the roof of a building talking to herself. Arnold is in the street, and there's a man in a white tank top standing in front of him. In another shot, the man is standing behind Arnold, and Helga shoots a plunger at his head. Then in the next shot, the man is back in front of Arnold and his head doesn't have the plunger on it anymore.

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Helga: My brave little football-headed hero.

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Trivia: Craig Bartlett, the creator of the nickelodeon show that the movie is based on, is the voice of Murray the bus driver, and others, in the movie.

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