Continuity mistake: In the abandoned building in the jungle, a man is holding a chain in one hand and an iron ball in the other. The ball appears or disappears depending on the angle.

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Continuity mistake: Nady is in the ruins confronting a guy who slams a chain against a wall. In the wide angle the wall is in a dark spot, has graffiti and a ladder, but in the close-up it's a plain white wall next to a sunny place.

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Continuity mistake: Gibson throws his backpack on the road and hides by some nearby bushes, leaving Nady alone in the middle of the road. In the aerial angles, the Nady is standing on the side of the road. This keeps changing back and forth.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where both main characters are talking by the fireplace, a pink audio microphone appears for a very short period of time in the top-middle of the picture.

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Question: At about 20 minutes into this film, Jean-Claude Van Damme remembers a beautiful young brunette, with a cleft chin, with two small children, paying him to take them out of the city. He later develops some relationship with her and dreams about her twice. What is the actress' name? I have never heard her character's name while watching the movie, and half of the actresses listed in the credits aren't shown in Google or elsewhere. This actress is not to be confused with Deborah Richter, the Cyborg, or JCVD's blonde side kick.

Richard Welty

Chosen answer: Wasn't her character's name Mary? if so her real name is Terrie Batson.

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