Corrected entry: When the police searched the boyfriend's apartment they never searched the entire apartment. Standard Operating procedure is to search the entire apartment. The killer could have been hiding in the room that Dormer was hiding in.


Correction: They weren't searching for the killer, they were searching for the murder weapon. Finch told the police earlier that the boyfriend kept the gun in the heating vents. That's when Duggar told Rich to call for the warrant. Also Francis (big officer with glasses and bold head) was about to enter the room were Pacino was, but the gun was found before he entered.

Corrected entry: When Hilary Swank is talking to Al Pacino while he's dying on the boat dock his head is resting on one of the steps. On the far away shot his head is further away from the step and is not resting on it.

Correction: Because of the shading of the wood that the platform is made out of, it only appears in this short shot that his head is far from the step. While his head is far from the light-colored platform itself, his head is resting on the dark-colored step that extends from the platform.

Corrected entry: The towns of Nightmute and Unkumiut are not inside the Arctic circle. They actually experience darkness all year around, but the movie said the sun never sets.

Correction: There is actually "civil twilight," or visible light for 24 hours a day during the summer.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, in the beach house, Dormer leaves the house and falls down in front of it. Then Ellie comes from the other house with a blanket to cover him. The question is, why did she bring a blanket, if she didn't know that Dormer was shot?

Correction: Ellie actually takes off the jacket that she is wearing and puts that over Dormer. There is no blanket involved.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Al Pacino is at the murdered girls funeral we see a shot of the girl is a graduation cap and gown. She is still in Hign is possible when she hasn't graduated from high school to be wearing a cap and gown?

Correction: In most high schools, graduation pictures are taken months before graduation.

Continuity mistake: In the scene on the ferry, when Williams and Pacino are talking, in the shots showing Williams, Pacino is facing the center of the ferry frequently, while immediately afterward in the shots showing Pacino, he is facing Williams again.

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Rachel Clement: I can't judge. There are two kinds of people in Alaska: those who were born here and those who come here to escape something. I wasn't born here.

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Trivia: Not a mistake, just something nice to notice: "Dormer" sounds like "dormeur" that is to say the French for "sleeper".

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