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Drop Zone (1994)

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Corrected entry: When Don Jagger is being dragged into the power lines by Gary Busey's character whilst they are sky diving, why doesn't he simply detach and use his spare. For a professional sky diver, he should have known this.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Yes, professionals in desperation would pull their spare, however because of the lack of altitude it would have been just another way for him to die. It takes several hundred feet for the spare parachute to deploy, and they were just a few hundred feet above the ground in that scene.

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Jessie Crossman: People probably told you that Jessie Crossman was the only person skilled enough to jump from a 747.
Pete Nessip: Well, the actual phrase used was "dick brain."



There is a shot with Wesley Snipes and Gary Busey aiming one another just to pull the triggers and discover that the guns are out of ammo. In fact, after the last shot (of the pistol, not the movie) the slide of a semi automatic pistol is retained open by the empty magazine, and doesn't return forward as we can see in the shot (of the movie, not the pistol). The reverse mistake is very common in movies, when the armorer loads just one round to be shot (in the movie as well as the gun) and the actor keeps fighting or menacing with an unloaded, breech opened gun.