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Cadet Kelly (2002)

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Corrected entry: At the military school, everyone's last names' are listed on their badges. However, on Carla's badge, it says Carla, instead of Hall (her last name).

Correction: Her badge says 'Hall'.

Corrected entry: Kelly is standing with all of the other cadets for morning inspection on her first day at GWMA and she is wearing a lot of jewelry which her friend advises her to take off. She does this and puts it in her hat. When Christy Romano comes around to inspect, the hat containing all of the jewelry flies off, exposing her infraction of the rules. Her hat was never hit as they were at attention and there was no wind, so how did the hat come off exactly?

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Carla: Everything here is by the book.
Kelly Collins: Thanks for the warning Carla, but I would really like to try and retain my individuality around here.

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