The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Blondie (The Good) and Tuco (The Ugly) are con artists, trying to steal as much money as possible during the Civil War. Angel Eyes (The Bad) is trying to locate a bank robber going by the name of Bill Carson, in order to collect his stolen gold. After a few scams, Blondie cheats Tuco by keeping his share and leaving him in the dust. Tuco eventually finds Blondie and drags him off into the desert, torturing him in revenge. Then they run into Bill Carson, who tells Tuco the location of a graveyard where his stolen gold is buried. As Tuco looks for water to keep Carson alive long enough to help more, Carson tells Blondie which gravestone marks the buried gold, and dies before he can say more. Angel Eyes soon figures out that they know, and all three want a 50% share of the gold, but only two of them will get it.

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Man With No Name: The way I figure, there's really not too much future with a sawed-off runt like you.



In the very last scene of the movie, and just before Blondie shoots the rope that is holding Tuco on the grave's cross. You can see a car moving in the background, screen right of Tuco's head.



When the camera crew were rigging the bridge to be blown up, the supervisor in charge of the detonation who didn't speak any foreign language thought he had been given the instruction to blow up the bridge and proceded to do it. Trouble was, the camera crew hadn't finished setting everything up and it was not filmed at all. Sergio Leone was (according to Clint Eastwood) the angriest anyone had ever seen him. As a result, the army agreed to rebuild the bridge for free and it hired a detonator who did speak the right language. This time they got the shot.