Continuity mistake: The number of pirates assaulting the hillside keeps changing. There are hundreds of them, then fewer than thirty, then hundreds again. In many scenes, in fact, there are far more pirates than could possibly fit aboard their one small ship.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when it is raining down on everyone, you get a clear view of the mother's wet, mussed hair. In the next scene, however, it is perfectly dry and in place.

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Continuity mistake: When Francis lights one of his coconut bombs, you see the wick get smaller then bigger then smaller again.

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Stephen Lee

Continuity mistake: While the two eldest boys are getting ready to sail around the island, Francis, the youngest boy, is playing with Rocky, the baby elephant. Francis is on Rocky's back, but in one shot, they are on the beach, near the water, and in the next shot, they are so far in the water that Rocky has to use his trunk as a snorkel.

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