Crazy in Alabama

Factual error: In the scene where Taylor Jackson's father leads the march to the public pool at night, it is lit with several underwater lights. Underwater swimming pool lights were invented in 1980, well after the time period in which this film is set. (00:47:25)

Factual error: When Lucille wins $32,400 at the casino she is paid in 16 packs of $20 bills. This equals $32,000. The $400 is missing from the money the cage cashier slid to her. The $400 should/would have been loose money, but all the money she received was strapped. (00:41:40)


Factual error: Peejoe gets his eye operated on under full anesthesia, but he is neither intubated nor has any needle attached to his veins. (00:41:15)


Factual error: When Lucille meets her driver Norman for the first time she reads his name on a name plate from a distance that requires superhuman vision. (00:42:35)


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