Brotherhood of the Wolf

Corrected entry: In the fight scene at the end, Vincent Cassel motions his sword-flail back towards himself which flies into him. In the following shot, you see the sword enter him again and then hear the sword penetrate his body.

Correction: It was edited this way for stylistic purposes to give it more of an impact.

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Corrected entry: The beast of Gevaudan REALLY existed, although not in this rather fantastic way. During the 1760s, it indeed killed or mutilated over 200 women and children, thus forcing King Louis XV to send a total of 10,000 soldiers into the area to hunt it down. Up to this day, this is the biggest hunt for one single animal in history and resulted in over 300 wolves (among them a rather huge one) being shot. The beast was considered being among the dead wolves and the hunt was called off. Rumor has it, however, that the killing continued for some months after that.

Correction: Actually, after the hunt, the killings DID continue. They stopped only when another huge wolf was killed. This particular beast had human remains in his entrails, and is generally considered to be the real Beast of Gévaudan. A third wolf, possibly his mate, was then killed soon after.

Corrected entry: While Fronsac, Mani and the Marquis are fighting against the beast, it bites the Marquis in the right arm. Later on when he´s standing in front of the window inside the castle, his left arm is injured. (01:24:35)

Correction: Actually, if you watch the fight closely, when the beast bites the Marquis on the right arm, he is then thrown into the rock wall hitting (and breaking/dislocating) his left arm. Thus, his left arm is the correct arm to be in the sling later in the movie.

Visible crew/equipment: Toward the end of the movie, right before Fronsac has it out with Jean Francois, he kicks everyone else's butt. There's one shot where he kicks an attacker who proceeds to go flying back. When he hits the ground and the dust and leaves start to settle, you can see the wire leading out of the shot.

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Sylvia: Do you know how Florentine women ensure their husbands come home? Every morning they slip him a slow poison, and every evening the antidote. That way, when the husband spends the night away, he has a very bad night.
Gregoire De Fronsac: You needn't resort to that.

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Trivia: All of the characters in the film actually existed during the time of Louis XV with the exception of Mani. If you watch the DVD version, you'll see this in the production notes.

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Question: Why didn't Mani kill the healers daughter? When everyone was preparing to hunt the beast, they look at each other and then she kisses two guys that are right beside her. She was responsible for the fight where everyone was attacking Mani before it was stopped by Jean Francois, and later in the lair of the beast she helped the men kill Mani. It was obvious that she was evil so why didn't he kill her?

Answer: She wasn't really evil. The whole movie is a metaphor for the shockingly bloody French revolution. The fact that (at least towards the beginning) the beast usually only kills women and children is a nod in the direction of the countless innocent (women and children) who were put to death in its course. The healer's daughter is sort of an omnibus of the French peasants' lust for blood. She's not evil, she's just crazy - the mad child of revolution. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but if one goes into it without knowing, it can be a bit confusing.

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