The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Corrected entry: When Bullwinkle stops Fearless Leader's broadcast, he tells the US citizens to vote for whoever they want and replant the trees in Frostbite Falls. At the end of the movie, the forest is restored. If Frostbite Falls is located in Rocky and Bullwinkle's animated world, how do the citizens of the real world replant the trees?

Correction: Only the artist would have been able to paint the tree's back and seeing as it was the final order before he switched the TV off, he had to.


Corrected entry: At the end, when the broadcast stops, red, white, and blue balloons rain down from the ceiling. If the studio was owned by Fearless Leader, who put the balloons there?

Correction: It might have been placed there in preparation for when Fearless Leader takes over America.


Corrected entry: When the FBI chief is flicking through the TV channels, he starts on 11. He goes through 1 channel, which makes him on channel 12. You then hear him flick through 6 more channels, and he ends up on 17. Right? Wrong. Last time I checked, 12+6=18, but he has to flick through another channel to get to 18.

Correction: Perhaps one of the buttons pushed didn't work? Happens with my remote all the time.

Corrected entry: When Karen sees the sign that says that there is an impossibly sharp turn, everybody jumps out of the car due to the fact that they have "no other choice". Why didn't they just use the brakes?

Correction: Karen had to accelerate to avoid the dynamite being thrown at the car. At the speed they were going at, the brakes wouldn't have been enough to stop the car before it went over the turn.

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Minnie Mogul: I can't sign a contract that will help three ruthless villains take over the world. I just can't.
Fearless Leader, Boris, and Natasha: Why not?
Minnie: My pen's out of ink.



In the scene where Rocky and Bullwinkle are walking through the university with Kenan and Kel (right before they come across the anti-moose protest), Kel's right arm passes through Rocky's left several times.



When Boris Badenov falls off the water tower and gets out of the hospital the sign says"J.Ward". Jay Ward was the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle.