A Royal in Paradise

A Royal in Paradise (2023)

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Continuity mistake: In the front view of Olivia when she sits at her desk and opens her laptop, the clear LED globe lightbulb to her right is illuminated with a visible filament, but the bulb looks solid white when the camera shifts to a rear view. (01:22:22)


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Suggested correction: It's still a clear bulb in the rear view, you're just seeing the white curtains behind the clear bulb.


Filaments should still be visible because they are darker and in front of the paler background.


Didn't look illuminated on my screen.


It definitely is illuminated. It might be hard to tell with so much lighting already present in the scene, especially coming through the window.


I seriously doubt there's enough background light to make what is supposed to be a clear illuminated LED bulb several feet in front of it to fade away. (This will be my last response).


Then you're talking about two completely different lamps altogether because the bulb is in front of a giant window with light coming through the thin curtain and it's inches away from the window, not feet. And it's not faded away at all.


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