White Elephant

Trivia: There are numerous interpretations of "white elephant", such as something that is: junk (worthless); no longer wanted by the owner but may be valuable to others; no longer wanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of; too expensive to maintain and therefore a burden (more trouble than it is worth). What is too expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of will, obviously, depend on the owner's resources (e.g, mansion, shopping mall, broken hot tub, inoperable classic car, piano).


Other mistake: The men went to Flynn's suburban home, with houses nearby on both sides (and probably on the opposite side of the street), at night and many loud gunshots were made inside as well as outside, but no neighbors turned on lights or were disturbed. Dogs did not even start barking until the shooting stopped and Flynn was driving away. Even if neighbors heard but did not want to risk getting killed, the dogs should have started barking at the first sound of gunfire (if not when the men arrived). (00:26:08 - 00:27:49)


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