Warning (2021)

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Directed by: Agata Alexander

Starring: Thomas Jane, Tomasz Kot, Toni Garrn

Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller

Factual error: Some of the set props are too out-dated or obsolete to be included in a science fiction movie set in the "near future" where an android companion costs $40 million, there are various technological advances, and the "God 2.0" system has an "eternal battery life": e.g, rotary phones, old-style bulky CRT TVs, radiator wall heater, camcorder, key-start cars without navigation, old radio, wind-up alarm clock, hand potato masher, old huge headphones, stacks of books, table fan, "rabbit ear" antenna. (00:02:48 - 00:06:54)


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Suggested correction: First, this is in no way a factual mistake. Second, it's only your opinion that the props are out of date or obsolete. At best, you could submit a stupidity mistake for a certain character using a specific outdated piece of technology despite having advanced technology everywhere else. I know people who play videos games on a PS5 and an original NES. Why wouldn't they play an outdated gaming system?


Claire: What are my blessings, God?
God: Um, my love for you and your wallpaper.

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