Continuity mistake: Burt is lying at the bank with broken leg flesh dangling. Next shot different angle, not dangling, then dangling again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lewis and Ed are in the canoe after setting up camp and Lewis is bowfishing while Ed is drinking beer, Lewis shoots a trout. You can clearly see the arrow hit the fish just behind its head in a close-up shot. When Lewis pulls the fish in, the arrow is through the middle of the fish's body.

Continuity mistake: When Burt's canoe comes up between two rocks, as the wooden canoe breaks in two, he had just passed through the same two rocks seconds earlier. (01:02:05)

Continuity mistake: In the scene after burying the mountain man when Drew is paddling through the rapids, he is not wearing a hat. In the next shot he is, then he isn't, then he is, then finally he isn't, right before he is killed.

Continuity mistake: When Ed loses control of the canoe and is trapped between two rocks, the other canoe strikes his and breaks it in half sending him and all of the contents of the boat, including his hunting bow, over the falls. Ed tumbles down the falls with nothing in his hands. In fact at one point he tries to scramble out of the water using both hands in the attempt. Yet two shots later he suddenly has his hunting bow in his hands. (01:02:05 - 01:02:50)

Revealing mistake: In a scene where the canoes are shooting the rapids through a sheer cliff you can clearly see a stuntman climbing out of the water onto the rock.

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Lewis: Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything.

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Trivia: Actor Billy Redden (who portrayed the inbred hillbilly banjo player) actually could not play the banjo at all. Despite training for the film, Redden's hand movements simply weren't convincing, so a local musician was hired to hide behind Redden and portray the left-handed fingerplay in complex banjo-picking shots. We only see the briefest snippets of Redden handling the banjo with his own two hands; however, when the iconic "Dueling Banjos" scene reaches a fever pitch, the left hand seen working the banjo frets is that of the real musician hiding behind Redden.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: What exactly happens to Ronny Cox? Does he get shot by the sniper, does he fall out of the canoe and drown, or does he commit suicide?

Answer: No wound. Shook his head and dove from the canoe. Refused his life jacket. Just ridden with guilt as he was dead set against burying the hillbilly.

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