Spontaneous (2020)

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Mara drinks a lot at the combined prom / graduation party, then walks to Dylan's grave and lies on it. Dylan's mother soon comes and joins her. They talk about life (e.g, how "it sucks", things happening for no reason, etc.) and Mara says she doesn't know what to do. Dylan's mom asks if she'd like to come to dinner next week. She briefly smiles but returns to crying. Mara arrives home after daybreak. Her parents waited up all night worrying and were relieved when Mara got home safe/alive. In the next scene, Mara (with suitcases) is leaving home in Dylan's truck. Her parents ask her to "call a lot" and she says she will. It isn't clear where Mara is going, but it might be the beach house (alone) or to college. During the drive, Mara (narrating) has a rather long rant about what she is going to do or be in life, how "life sucks", and how things happen for no apparent reason - she could die today, and so could you... nothing anyone can do about it. It is up to the individual to make the best of life - go for it.


Continuity mistake: Mara is wearing a white long sleeve jersey when in the Dalton twins' car accident and when Dylan finds her in the water washing off blood. Dylan offers her the gray sweat suit he has in his backpack, but Mara says she isn't wearing it (because they wore those clothes at the police station). When Mara stands up, she has on a dark green T-shirt with a lighter green large circular design on the front. Mara is wearing the green top when she gets to quarantine, as well as later in the movie. This is obviously Mara's top, so where did it come from after she refused to wear the gray sweat suit from Dylan's backpack? (00:33:42 - 00:35:02)


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Suggested correction: After rewatching the movie, I noticed that Dylan was POSSIBLY wearing this T-shirt under his jean jacket on his first day of school; the shirts look similar, but little can be seen because it is under the jean jacket. At the same time, Dylan's backpack at the accident scene did not look full enough to contain both parts of the sweatsuit, so it is a stretch to believe the T-shirt was also inside. Moreover, Dylan told Mara that he had a crush on her for two years, so the "old" T-shirt would have just happened to be in this backpack under the sweatsuit worn at the police station. Dylan is thinner than Mara, so it is unlikely that his T-shirt would fit her. When I rewatched the movie, I noticed that the T-shirt in question looked navy blue when Dylan had it on but green when Mara was wearing it.


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Trivia: FBI Special Agent Rosetti responded to Mara's joke - "It could be worse, right? We could be Republicans" - by saying, "That was funny." Republicans probably don't agree and viewers favoring various political parties might not "get" the joke. Basically, New Jersey (movie's setting) has been a "Democratic trifecta" for about the last thirty (30) years (since 1992). (Ha Ha?). (00:29:07)


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